What’s your venture worth?

RupeeLife helps you know what your venture is potentially worth as per International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC) guidelines.

Buyer price discovery

Companies may consider the buy of target’s equity interests for many different reasons: to acquire subsidiaries, to support a shareholder buy-out, to establish share value for or comply with buy-sell agreements, or to transition out of the business by buying 100% equity. In addition, companies may consider the purchase of partial or whole interests in another company to expand its geographic markets, diversify its product lines, or improve its supply chain. We carry out the appraisal of the subject interest by a qualified, independent appraiser and provide key decision makers with the critical information they need in order to determine whether the buy will provide the expected value.

RupeeLife’s experience includes valuing small to large companies in industries ranging from manufacturing, professional services, healthcare, technology, construction and engineering, food services, consumer goods, distribution, transportation and logistics, and utilities.

Sale value assessment

What is the optimal sale value of my business ?”This is a simple question with a complex answer. Our first question we would ask you is, “Under what conditions, and to whom?”. Our sale value assessment is centric to the business circumstance and the potential buyer. We determine the fair value range and move on to identify the value enhancers.

RupeeLife guides clients through a wide range of financial processes and work with you from value assessment…to value enhancement…to value realization, and this proven approach helps reduce overall risk, and improve the certainty of a successful outcome. The value enhancement process will often include Strategic plan to enhance value and restate or adjust financial and cash flow statements to reveal and highlight hidden value.

IPO price discovery

Like any product sales, the Initial Public Offer (IPO) is about selling the part of the company itself. The success of the IPO revolves around the astute price discovery so that the company and promoters do not lose out on the opportunity to encash their stake sale. At the same time, the risk of under-subscription should be clearly protected.

With our extensive experience and deep industry insights, RupeeLife assists companies in the price discovery process to derive the maximum benefit from going public.

Income tax valuation

Owners of closely held firms will frequently engage CAs and tax lawyers seeking advice to minimize their company’s taxes and efficiently transfer assets to their beneficiaries. The fair market value of the firm’s stock often becomes a critical component in these strategies.

A valuation from an independent business valuation firm, like RupeeLife, can provide needed support and offer critical defense of the appropriate value of the firm’s stock if it’s challenged by the Income Tax Authority. We have completed hundreds of valuations ranging from start-up companies to firms that generate more than $1 billion in annual revenues. Our experience, technical expertise, and credibility in presenting well documented valuation reports to the Income Tax Authorities are some of the primary reasons that RupeeLife is trusted as the valuation firm of choice for many business owners, CAs, and lawyers.

Fair value reporting

Senior Financial executives have the responsibility to present financial information accurately and fairly for their shareholders, creditors, and other interested parties. When preparing financial statements for these groups, firms typically present financial information in keeping with customary accounting standards. These standards require that certain assets and liabilities are measured at fair value.

Fair value measurements can be complex and it is not unusual for management teams to engage independent valuation firms, such as RupeeLife, to perform these measurements. This is especially necessary when an independent opinion is required or when a company does not have the internal resources and expertise to manage the process. Using RupeeLife also provides assurance to CA’s that audit the firm’s financial statements.

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