What’s your venture worth?

RupeeLife helps you know what your venture is potentially worth as per International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC) guidelines.


Potential value

Gain better insight of your business potential

Global standard

Valuation prepared as per IVSC guidelines

Negotiate better

Make informed decision after knowing your worth

Here's what you get

Valuation report showcase

Know your business value and stand in a position to negotiate better

  • Estimate of your venture potential worth
  • Certified report prepared by an valuation expert
  • Cash flow and KPI driven valuation
  • Financial data automation
  • Negotiate fair and better and save up to 50% of equity

More features


Get reports that are beautifully designed deck in hardbound

NDA Protected

Every data of yours is secured just as how we secure ours

Progress tracking

Know what’s happening on your report anytime

On-call support

9 to 5 support and around the clock pre- scheduled support

Proprietary application

Custom build applications for error free environment

Startup friendly

Pricing that understands the pain of being a startup

Anywhere. Anytime

Access reports anywhere and anytime through RLX App

Only Pro policy

Reports are prepared by professionals, not interns

Defined process

High quality rising from SOP driven work culture

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