10 steps for profitable valuation strategy

Overview of how we do it for you

NDA Signoff
We know how important your business information is and we take confidentiality very seriously. We sign an NDA before starting the work.
Purpose discovery
Every valuation is subjective, unique and purpose dependent. We get to know from you what is the desired purpose and mutually agree on it in writing.
Inputs collaboration
We obtain all relevant business and financial information such as investor deck, company profile, and latest financial statements.
Legal Permissibility Review (LPR)
We review the legality of your business and diligently assess the potential regulatory threats to your business's going concern status.
Assets Assurance Review (AAR)
We review the existence and substance of the reported assets.
Liability Completeness Review (LCR)
We extend the assurance review to assess the completeness of liabilities reported and quantify possible future obligations.
Revenue Quality Assessment (RQA)
We assess your customer acquisition, retention, and referral quality to reliably measure your business prosperity rating.
Forecasting and Analytics
With the help of our number crunching software, we generate the forecasts and comparable analytics. All our observations are sent to you for confirmation.
Draft report and discussion
After confirmation of our observations, we proceed to quantify your business valuation and deliver a draft report to you for discussion with our experts.
Valuation opinion and strategy
You get the valuation report stating the opinion of your business worth as per International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC) accepted norms.