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RupeeLife invests in exceptional founders with unique insights, from inception through all phases of growth.


Palar helps you to make your own daily use FMCG products. The best DIY store for your family.


Gottig helps you with home automation solution that's durable, safe and affordable. Smart Home is now possible for all.


Entrepreneur's best friend. Speak to yourself, Read relevant topics and Chat with network connections.


Investor of ARR 25 India tour. Oscar winner A R Rahman tour of India to celebrate his 25 years in music industry.

Scudder & co.

Non-iron white shirts for business executives. Save yourself from iron and still get dressed as a businessman has to.


An online discussion and project management tool for teammates who work together. Discussions, Threads, Attachments, follow-ups, Got it and much more.

Partnering with Rupeelife

What we look for?

We are looking for the best and brightest founders and teams. In our experience, the quality,passion and commitment of a company's core team are more important than any other element.

When to reach out to?

We invest between seed and series B initially in each company. We like to get to know founders early, ideally well before they are ready to raise capital.

How we invest?

We invest in companies primarily targeting the Indian market. We prefer to be the lead investor. We often invest on our own but also co-invest with other investors.

So what comes after you have shouted Eureka?

Founders are always first in our eyes, whether you have just a nascent idea or are already running a business, let us help you turn your ideas into reality and grow your business.

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