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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Refer & Earn?
It is as simple as brewing a hot cuppa. All you need to do is log in & start inviting your friends who are seeking business investments or loans.
What are My Points?

These are money-points that are credited to your registered bank account or UPI account 1 point = Re 1

How do I use My Points?

We have multiple options for you to choose from. Go to the Refer & Earn section and Redeem now!

How many friends can I invite?

There’s absolutely no limit. Help as many friends as you can to list their business and access inesvtors and lenders across India. Next time you see a your friend looking for business funding, you know what to do!

I have registered. Now, how to invite friends?

You can invite your friends on “Refer & Earn” (link in header) section by providing their name, email and phone number.